Lift Like a Farmer

For centuries, farmers have been known to be the strongest men and women the planet has. They draw their strength from lifting objects around the farm while eating healthy organic foods from their produce.

Although conventional farming is slowly taking that away from today’s farmers, people who want to build their body like a farmer can still follow the traditional farmer’s example. Here is how.

Make correct movements

On the farm, farmers make continuous and constant movements all day; lifting hay, carrying buckets of water, lifting tractor tires, or even lifting cattle for branding.

And they are not just movements tailored in one direction; they are what I call correct actions. This helps to engage every muscle in their body for a full body workout and full-body strength.

In the gym, many simply lift weights in one direction concentrating on one or two exercises which leave their grip unstable, the back with little support strength and the trunk and legs can treble at lifting small weights.

Lift and walk

One more look at the farmer. They raise hay on the shoulder, two buckets of water in each hand and then walk not just to one cattle house but as many as ten. Walking back and forth picking water and hay and serving to the animals. This is exactly what you should do during your training. Lift your weights and walk on the treadmill at the same time. You will build strong bones, a heart healthy and a mass of strong muscles.

Lift near the chest

No matter what your purpose for lifting weights is, it somewhat draws back to the need of a high chest. The chest is the center that holds all the muscled up body parts. If you are lifting for a better appearance, you want to make sure your chest grows high Pecs. If it’s for general body mass for sports, it’s your chest that holds the most weight. To build this kind of chest, just like farmers do, lift your weights close to your chest.

Never agree to a comfort zone

Farmers lift all day, all year all their life. But trust me, if you brought a farmer from the 70’s to fight Mike Tyson, they would most likely throw him to the ground and stomp him. This is because the strength, body mass and energy they have built all their life without them even paying attention. It is in their lifestyle to wake up to each day lifting stuff on the farm and eating the healthy produce the farm offers.

Eat organic alkaline foods

Organic foods especially alkaline ones should be in your diet, all day, all year. That’s what the farmer eats. After a workout, your body produces lots of acids which can block your muscles from building up and deprive you of overall strength. Cucumbers, spinach Peaches, Potatoes, Grapes, apples, hot peppers, strawberries, etc. contain alkaline which helps to flush out the acid and create space for strong bones and muscles and a healthy immune system.


Everyone deserves to rest, and so do you. Don’t be so gripped with missing the gym that you fail to allow your body to relax and grow.

Farmers work every day and for long hours but at the end of the day, they rest. Learn to get it done quickly rather than slower over an extended period. Just don’t rest too much and forget your goal. Learn more about building strength effective. Better yet, take a course. Here’s the link to Bar Brothers review.


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